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Reflections on lessons learned : a journey of discovery

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refugees, social work, settlement

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Attending the Interdisciplinary Dialogue on the Global Refugee Crisis in relation to our Bachelor of Social Work course on Intercultural Practice started us on our journey of discovery and learning. It brought the headline news of refugees, settlement, and crisis to our door steps. It changed us from observers to participants in trying to understand the issue and finding solutions. We wanted to learn more and explore further. In this presentation, we wanted to share our journey of discovery from why we participated in the forums and what we learned about the Global Refugee Crisis to how we viewed things as social work students. We hoped to link the lessons we learned to our personal lives and academic lives as well as to our ongoing growing professional identity. Our goal is to continue the dialogue on Global Refugee Crisis, by putting ourselves in the role of active actors of social change. As future social workers and as responsible members of humanity, we will endeavor to continue to learn, reflect and above all to be agents of change to make this world a place where the well-beings and dignity of everyone is ensured.

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Presented April 25, 2017 at the Interdisciplinary Dialogue Student Conference held at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta.

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