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    Research reflections: student experiences of a systematic literature review on social care strategies for older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic
    (2022) Baluyot, Beverly Michel; Azulai, Anna
    There is currently no research that synthesizes, analyzes, and evaluates studies that looked into social care strategies in geriatric residential care settings in Canada. Funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), this systematic review aims to examine emerging evidence on social care strategies in residential care since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The study will identify current research gaps to provide recommendations for social workers and other professionals on future directions for social care for older adults, living in residential care settings. Conducting a systematic review requires time management, teamwork, and effective communication skills. Systematic reviews also follow a distinct and rigorous process. The presentation will focus on our experiences and learning as undergraduate research assistants in conducting a systematic literature review. We will also provide a status report of the research progress since August 2021.
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    Voices of international students: growth, strengths, and challenges at MacEwan University
    (2020) Samad, Fatima; Dhungel, Rita
    This study aims to explore and gain a better understanding of the experiences of international students at MacEwan University of Edmonton using both qualitative and quantitative approaches through surveys and focus groups. This study will gain more insight into the different barriers faced by international students on both micro and macro levels, their experiences integrating themselves into a new culture, and details on their employment situations, financial situations, sense of well-being, and rationale in choosing MacEwan University of Edmonton. This study will also touch on what more MacEwan University can do to enhance this experience, both academically and personally for international students based on participant feedback.
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    Recruiting challenges and students’ involvement in a project to understand civic engagement of aging Asian immigrants in Edmonton
    (2018) Lamichhane, Bhupendra; Tong, Hongmei
    Supporting aging immigrants to fully engage in mainstream social and political life is a significant challenge for policy makers, service providers, and communities in Canada. Asian immigrants constitute the largest majority of immigrants in Canada over decades. A contextualized understanding of civic participation in aging Asian immigrants is of critical importance to support broad, active aging and social integration goals. Based on the research rationale, objectives and gaps identified in the literature review, this study will present a research project that aims to explore civic participation of aging immigrants from Asia, specifically China, India, and Philippines, living in Edmonton, Alberta. This research draws on the Civic Voluntarism Model and on Bourdieu's Theory of Practice, which views civic participation as a multi-dimensional concept influenced by individual social positions, family and community, and historical, cultural, political, and societal factors. Mixed methods research will be adopted, and will involve in-depth interviews with aging immigrants, focus group with immigrant and Canadian-born older adults, and a survey of aging immigrant participants in focus groups. This presentation will overview the research project and identify the multiple challenges in recruiting targeted participants from different ethnic groups in the initial stage and strategies adopted to solve these challenges. This presentation will inform future directions and approaches in the research of diverse ethnic aging immigrants. This presentation will also contribute to research method education and training for in undergraduate students at teaching-focused universities.
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    Reflections on lessons learned: a journey of discovery
    (2017) Zwede, Faven; Escoto, Daisy; Adam, Lula; Jaroslawski, Natasha; Degefu, Sosina; Ouedraogo, Valerie
    Attending the Interdisciplinary Dialogue on the Global Refugee Crisis in relation to our Bachelor of Social Work course on Intercultural Practice started us on our journey of discovery and learning. It brought the headline news of refugees, settlement, and crisis to our door steps. It changed us from observers to participants in trying to understand the issue and finding solutions. We wanted to learn more and explore further. In this presentation, we wanted to share our journey of discovery from why we participated in the forums and what we learned about the Global Refugee Crisis to how we viewed things as social work students. We hoped to link the lessons we learned to our personal lives and academic lives as well as to our ongoing growing professional identity. Our goal is to continue the dialogue on Global Refugee Crisis, by putting ourselves in the role of active actors of social change. As future social workers and as responsible members of humanity, we will endeavor to continue to learn, reflect and above all to be agents of change to make this world a place where the well-beings and dignity of everyone is ensured.