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Teaching information flow in supply chains: a role-playing game using TagScan

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augmented reality, barcoding, information flow, role-playing game, supply chain

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Information flow is one of the three main flows of supply chains. It is an abstract concept that can be challenging for students to grasp in its entirety. This article describes a role-playing game for teaching the topic of information flow in an undergraduate supply chain management course. The game allows students to simulate receiving and fulfilling customer orders by playing five roles within a manufacturing company. Students use TagScan, an augmented reality barcoding and logistics system launched by a technology company in western Canada, to track information throughout the game. Pre- and postsurvey results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed game in helping students visualize abstract course concepts and understand the types of information being tracked, the available information transmission technology, and the dynamics of information flow in a supply chain. Students were actively engaged in this in-class activity and responded positively to the learning-by-gaming experience.

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Wang, X. & Enstroem, R. (2024) Teaching information flow in supply chains: A role-playing game using TagScan. Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, 1–15.


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