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Copper-63 NMR line width study of the copper(I)-acetonitrile system

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salts, 63Cu NMR, copper, ions, perchlorates, viscosity, temperature dependence

Abstract (summary)

The principal focus of this study is the 63Cu NMR line widths in Cu(I)−acetonitrile (AN) solutions. The variations with the concentrations of Cu(I) salts (trifluoromethanesulfonate and perchlorate), added salts, water, chloride ion, and temperature have been studied. A quantitative analysis shows that the anomalous temperature dependence of the line widths is not due to ion pairing or anion complexation but results primarily from formation of a species with a different coordination number or less symmetrical arrangement of AN ligands than in the normal tetrahedral Cu(AN)4+ ion. Solvent viscosity and ion pairing (with triflate) also are identified as factors having the expected effects on the line widths. The results of earlier studies also are discussed and analyzed by the current model where possible.

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Irangu, J.; Jordan, R. B. “Copper‐63 NMR Linewidth Study of the Copper(I)‐Acetonitrile System”, Inorg. Chem. 2003, 42, 3934.


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