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The integrated threat and risk assessment centre: A program evaluation investigating the implementation of threat management recommendations

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The goal of threat assessment is violence prevention, and threat assessors endeavor to provide risk management recommendations that are practical, useful, and effective. However, the best laid threat management plans inevitably fail if they are never implemented. The current study focused on the Integrated Threat and Risk Assessment Centre (I-TRAC), a specialized unit that provides threat management consultation to police and social services. Survey and interview data were collected from I-TRAC stakeholders to investigate which case management recommendations tend to be implemented by those responsible for managing risk, and to inform our understanding of why other recommendations are disregarded. Results indicated that respondents valued threat assessment and management consultations provided by I-TRAC, and implemented most recommendations provided to them. Common reasons for not implementing risk management recommendations were identified, and recommendations for improving the collaborative process of threat management are discussed.

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Ennis, L., T. Hargreaves and M. Gulayets. (2015). “The Integrated Threat and Risk Assessment Centre: A Program Evaluation Investigating the Implementation of Threat Management Recommendations." Journal of Threat Assessment and Management 2(2): 114-126.


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