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Future of nonprofit and sustainability programs

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nonprofit programs, sustainability, university programs

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In 2012 a report was prepared regarding the validity of nonprofit programs in Canada. This report followed the closure of the nonprofit leadership program (LENP) at MacEwan University and the reasons for its failure. It also examined the stability of similar programs in Canada (McCoy, 2012). The 2012 report led to the question that will be answered in the following report, “What do students think about nonprofits and sustainability and how can we create programs that are engaging and successful?” Research of current programs, successes and failures, and statistics about the demand for programs is the first step in the process. The research collected and reported on in this report will provide a foundation of knowledge that will help support and check the data collected through the student surveys and focus group. These research articles cover a broad range of topics and programs giving a wide array of opinions and facts about existing programs in global post-secondary institutions. After the research is presented about current programs, there is a section about the focus group that was held at MacEwan University. The focus group provides a qualitative look at how students view the topic of nonprofits and sustainability. The feedback from the focus group was used to create the questions that are asked in the student survey. The student survey is the largest quantitative piece of the report. The collection of student information is the most important factor to answering the question “Is there a demand at MacEwan University for sustainability and nonprofit programs?” The information collected will provide a real comparison between the research articles, information and students’ views on sustainability and nonprofits.

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Presented on January 29, 2015 at I, Research: Student Research Week held at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta.

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