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An exploratory study of millennial managers from employees’ perceptions

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age discrimination, millennials, Generation X, baby boomers, millennial managers, employee perception

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This study explores the perceptions of employees who have millennial managers. An analysis of employees’ perceptions provides further knowledge to understand how to manage any bias or obstacles that millennial managers may be faced with. This study uses implicit personality theory to understand the subconscious thoughts people have immediately upon meeting them. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 18 employees. The interviews were then transcribed so the analysis could be conducted with ease using the First and Second Cycle coding. This technique led to the creation of 5 themes: important characteristics and work experience of millennial managers, judgements they face, millennials, baby boomers and finally culture. These themes were utilized to form the results of the study. The first main finding is that age discrimination can be seen within these two sectors, even when participants stated otherwise because their age discriminatory comments were being made subconsciously. The results also showed that millennial managers do face challenges in the workforce, such as being doubted, tested and more. This study’s recommendation is millennial managers should encompass some or all of the important characteristics highlighted by participants to aid in preparing them to overcome said challenges.

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