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Interstellar: visual structure of the film

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infographics, graphic design

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My creative interpretation of the film Interstellar displays the non-linear timeline of the movie in the shape of Einstein’s diagram of the Theory of Relativity. The main character in Interstellar, Coop, travels through space to attempt to find a new world to save the human population. Because of the gravity of Gargantua, a black hole, time is warped. My infographic poster displays how Coop’s space timeline and the Earth’s time coordinate and happen simultaneously. Beginning at the bottom of the diagram, the timeline runs counter clockwise, matching the significant events on Earth with the corresponding events happening in Space. In the infographic, each line on the cone represents 5 minutes in the movie. The Earth timeline loops because the actions happening in the past overlap with Murph’s (Coop’s daughter) life in the latter half of the movie. Reoccurring actions are marked by icons on the timeline, and significant actions and simultaneous actions are colour coded. A model of the Relativity of Space and Time is provided so the reader can see that the shape of the infographic is displayed based on a scientific diagram. This poster displays the timeline of Interstellar in a visual and comprehensive way, using a scientific model to communicate the information. It simplifies the seemingly-confusing time jumping from Earth to Space time.

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Presented on April 23, 2018 at Student Research Day held at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta.

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