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Elsewhen: a visual exploration of dialogue in literature by Kayla Tolentino and Celine Trinidad

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graphic design, layout, short stories

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Elsewhen is a collective publication featuring the works of the DESN 231 – DS04 class in the Winter 2022 term taught by Constanza Pacher. Each student was assigned a short story, either in its entirety or the narrative was divided in two parts and shared with another student. The design students were tasked to design a two-page spread for their stories and were challenged to bring each tale to life while experimenting in using the column grid in an unconventional way. The result is a collaborative booklet that showcases short stories in a refreshing, original and visually captivating way for readers to enjoy and interpret new meaning from. Created for DESN 231 Typography II.

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Presented on April 21, 2022 at Student Research Day at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta.

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