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The 7th C: communion as the birthplace of professional self-hood

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communion, professional self-hood, nursing

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Communion, defined as a shared journey of honoring each other’s being in and with the world, becomes a scared relational space for Professional Self-Hood. Professional Self-Hood has been defined as an internal embodiment and an external expression of nursing, the compilation of influences of being in and being with the world. Entering into communion to stretch in uncomfortableness begins the movement to unlearn, relearn, reaffirm, and recommit to the ongoing evolution of a just and caring version of ourselves as professionals, embodied and made visible as our Professional Self-Hood.

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Maykut, C. (2022). The 7th C: Communion as the birthplace of professional self-hood. International Journal for Human Caring, 26(2), 97-102.


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