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Crow Woman a dream messenger

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Canadian Native woman, First peoples of Canada, Crow Woman, Cree culture, spiritual transcendence, story, North American Natives, death, Western culture

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I have just completed a book (Gackenbach, in press) about a Canadian Native woman who died four years ago at age 49. The undercurrent of the story of this remarkable woman is how her death was in part a product (socially and culturally) of what's happened to the First Peoples of Canada. Crow Woman was caught between two worlds - the Cree culture in which she was raised and the Western culture which surrounded and dominated her life. Her quandary was finding a balance between these worlds. The paradox of her finally attaining psychological health and in the last weeks of her life profound spiritual transcendence, at the time of her physical bodies disintegration is a story which is in some ways characteristic of North American Natives today.

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Gackenbach, J.I. (2003). Crow Woman a dream messenger. Dreamtime, 13(2). Retrieved from



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