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A unique governance learning experience

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Governance, Presidential Search, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Transfer, organizational learning, Board, Board succession

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This paper reports on some of the findings of a 2008-2009 graduate study conducted as a shared organizational learning experience for the Grant MacEwan College (now MacEwan University ) Board of Governors to learn about a vital board governance responsibility-presidential search. Through a facilitated, qualitative action research exercise, participants engaged in a four-stage progressive learning experience to create a body of knowledge about presidential search experiences and to develop strategies for transferring this knowledge when membership changes. The study examined how, through the application of knowledge management theory, a board can learn and share knowledge. This learning experience contributed to the creation of a comprehensive board succession plan for the MacEwan Board of Governors and, in 2010-2011, this plan was used to guide the institution's search for its fourth president.

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Baptista, Margo. "A Unique Governance Learning Experience." Canadian Journal of Higher Education Revue canadienne d’enseignement supérieur, vol. 46, no. 3, 2016, pp. 105-122, Accessed 20 Dec 2016.



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