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Stakeholder experiences of a public safety personnel work reintegration program

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First responders, return to work, workplace reintegration, operational stress injuries, mental health, post-traumatic stress, mental illness, return to duty

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Public safety personnel (PSP) are at risk of experiencing operational stress injuries (OSIs). The functional impairments caused by OSIs can contribute to challenges with returning to pre-injury operational requirements. A Canadian municipal policing agency developed a peer-led workplace reintegration program (RP) to assist PSP in their workplace reintegration after an illness or injury. Although this RP has been used internationally, there is a paucity of research on this program and its implementation by PSP organizations. The perspectives of key stakeholders are important for capturing the current state of RPs and future directions for the advocacy, implementation, sustainability, and spread of the RP, and to set the stage for future research. The purpose of this study was to explore the experiences and perspectives of key stakeholders engaged in the creation, implementation, facilitation, and execution of RPs in Alberta, Canada. This will help identify strengths, barriers, facilitators, needs, processes, and attitudes associated with the RPs and direction for future research. A qualitative thematic analysis of focus groups (N=8) involving key stakeholders (N=30) from five PSP organizations with RPs was conducted using a community-engaged research approach as part of a larger mixed-methods study. Four key themes emerged from the participants: (1) Integral elements of success, (2) Integral needs, (3) Key areas of growth, and (4) Evolution of the Program. While RPs are highly regarded by the key stakeholders, it is essential that evidence-based research guide the evaluation, modification, implementation, spread, and scale of RPs globally.

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Jones, C., Spencer, S., Juby, B., O’Greysik, E., Smith-MacDonald, L., Vincent, M., & Bremault-Phillips, S. (2023). Stakeholder experiences of a public safety personnel work reintegration program. Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being, 8(Suppl_1), S23-S31.


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