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Perceptions of older adult eyewitnesses: will you believe me when I'm 64?

dc.contributor.authorBrimacombe, Elizabeth
dc.contributor.authorJung, Sandy
dc.contributor.authorGarrioch, Lynn
dc.contributor.authorAllison, Meredith
dc.description.abstractParticipant-witnesses (young adults/young seniors/older seniors) viewed one of two versions of a simulated videotaped crime (crime context either familiar to young or older adults). The witnesses were videotaped responding to direct and cross-examination questions about the video. The older seniors were significantly less accurate than the young adults and young seniors. Familiarity of the crime context did not affect testimony accuracy. However, the older seniors were more verbose when describing a familiar context. Participant-jurors viewed the testimony videotapes and evaluated the witnesses' credibility. All witnesses were regarded as equally credible in testifying and less accurate in response to cross-examination questioning.
dc.identifier.citationBrimacombe, C. A. E., Jung, S., Garrioch, L., & Allison, M. (2003). Perceptions of older adult eyewitnesses: Will you believe me when I’m 64. Law and Human Behavior, 27(5), 507-522.
dc.rightsAll Rights Reserved
dc.subjectseniors’ testimony
dc.subjectsenior’s perceived credibility
dc.titlePerceptions of older adult eyewitnesses: will you believe me when I'm 64?en