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Creative, interdisciplinary undergraduate research: an educational cell biology video game designed by students for students

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biology, interdisciplinarity, practice-based research, video game design, undergraduate research

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In a three-year, practice-based, creative research project, the team designed a video game for undergraduate biology students that aimed to find the right balance between educational content and entertainment. The project involved 7 faculty members and 14 undergraduate students from biological science, design, computer science, and music. This nontraditional approach to research was attractive to students. Working on an interdisciplinary practice-based research project required strategies related to timeline, recruitment, funding, team management, and mentoring. Although this project was time-consuming and full of challenges, it created meaningful learning experiences not only for students but also for faculty members.

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Sperano, I., Shaw, R., Andruchow, R., Cobzas, D., Efird, C., Brookwell, B., & Deng, W. (2020). Creative, Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research: An Educational Cell Biology Video Game Designed by Students for Students. Scholarship and Practice of Undergraduate Research, 4(2), 5–14.


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