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Research recast(ed): S1E2 - A conversation with Dr. Isabelle Sperano and Robert Andruchow

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digital design, video games

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Today we learn about a video game that predicted COVID-19, how acting techniques can build a better digital experience, and how empathy is everything when it comes to design. Joining us in the studio are Dr. Isabelle Sperano, an Assistant professor of Digital Experience Design at MacEwan University, and Robert Andruchow, Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor for MacEwan’s Design Studies program. The two have previously worked together on Life on the Edge, a biology video game in partnership with Ross Shaw, which will launch this fall. Currently, they are teamed up with the City of Edmonton on a new project, Digital Experience Design in large Organizations and Digital Transformation, mapping the City’s digital ecosystem.

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Ekelund, B., & Cave, D. (Hosts). (2021, September). A conversation with Dr. Isabelle Sperano and Robert Andruchow (Season 1, Episode 2) [Audio podcast episode]. In Research recast(ed). MacEwan University.



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