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Music, song lyrics, philosophy and human values: exploring poet Kannadasan's contributions to the Tamil community worldwide

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songs, lyrics, communicative, Tamil culture

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For thousands of years music and songs have played an important role in the Tamil community. Tamil song lyrics are mostly written for cinemas, and research reveals that Tamil cinemas in the twentieth century have formed a major part of mass communication and have also served as mass-entertainment to people mainly due to the stories and song lyrics. Among the great lyric writers of Tamil songs from 1944 to 1981 was the legendary Poet Kannadasan (1927 - 1981) who was also known as Kavi Arasu or king of poets. However Poet Kannadasan's contributions are yet to be highlighted sufficiently in media literatures. Therefore the objective of this paper is to explore Poet Kannadasan's contribution in teaching philosophy and human values through his songs which are relevant to the Tamil community even today. This paper is considered to be the first to explore Poet Kannadasan's philosophy and human values in an academic journal of the English language although several articles have been written in the Tamil language. In presenting this paper, hermeneutics (a qualitative research methodology) which includes content (song) analysis is used by the authors. The authors hope that this paper will provide the framework for studying Poet Kannadasan's song lyrics in many areas apart from philosophy and human values. This paper is expected to contribute and enrich the English language literatures on Poet Kannadasan's contributions in the Indian context.

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Raj, Sony Jalarajan, and Balakrishnan, Muniapan. "Music, Song Lyrics, Philosophy and Human Values: Exploring Poet Kannadasan’s Contribution to the Tamil Community Worldwide." Researchers World: Journal of Arts, Sciences & Commerce, 3.4 (2012): 1-12. Web. 25 May 2016.



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