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Progressive feminism through James Bond

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feminism, sexism, James Bond, motion pictures

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As one of pop-culture's oldest and most iconic movie characters, James Bond has both illustrated and influenced western culture for over 50 years. "Progressive Feminism through James Bond" analyzes the James Bond film series and its history conveying sexism and feminism. Emphasis is devoted to current Daniel Craig-era Bond films as being intentionally progressively feminist, an observation that has been overlooked and misinterpreted by audiences. By centering on a misogynist character, the James Bond film franchise serves as an invaluable means to observe changes in cultural attitudes towards feminism. The most recent 007 movie, Skyfall (2012), received widespread criticism from reactionary media and feminist academics alike for being explicitly sexist. The researcher challenges this criticism by analyzing changes made to the James Bond character and the roll of the Bond girl since Craig's debut in Casino Royale (2006). By criticizing the actions of a fictional character whose misogynist actions are part and parcel to his identity, feminist criticism has overlooked the intentions of filmmakers who have accomplished the seemingly impossible task of using a sexist character, James Bond, to convey aspects of progressive feminism. The research concludes that by ignoring and right out challenging many expectations of traditionally sexist Bond films, Skyfall is meant to convey a progressively feminist attitude. "Progressive Feminism Through James Bond" is an presentation adaptation of "Blue Beans, Skyfall's "Naked Man" and 'Why Craig-era Bond isn’t Bad for Feminists" an original research article written by presenter Eric Mosley available from Triple Bladed Sword:

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Presented on January 28, 2015 at I, Research: Student Research Week at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta.

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