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Book review: pluralism, real world, and decolonization: a review essay inspired by the book Economy studies: a guide to rethinking economics education

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pluralism, economics, decolonization, post-secondary education

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De Muijnck and Tieleman emphasise critical thinking that is developed through pluralism when different perspectives are compared (p.190). This, in addition to addressing real-world issues and incorporating the contributions of women and non-white thinkers (p.191) allows for a richer economics pedagogy. While the authors propose including blogs, podcasts, and videos as part of economics pedagogy (p.85), I also incorporate popular books in class. Thus, to answer the call of the authors to include pluralism, real-world content, and to decolonise economics, I offer books on pressing economic issues from a diverse group of writers in my elective economics classes. In the following section, I offer a quick synopsis of the books that I use in my classes.

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Jahangir, J. (2023) Book Review: Pluralism, Real World, and Decolonization: A Review Essay Inspired by the Book Economy Studies: A Guide to Rethinking Economics Education, International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education, 14(3/4): 332-352.



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