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Well-meaning liberal male: typical hypocrite or uncomfortable alien

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Androgyny, Attitudes, Behavior Patterns, Congruence (Psychology), Feminism, Males, Prediction, Reliability, Self Evaluation (Individuals), Sex Role, Sex Stereotypes

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The well-meaning liberal male (WMLM) is a man who talks a liberal stereotype but behaves inconsistently with his professed beliefs. Using Ajzen and Fishbein's model of behavioral prediction based on attitudinal assessment, males identified as WMLM's, sincere liberals, and traditionalists from the Bem Sex Role Inventory (BSRI) were compared. Subjects were asked to pose for photographs in nontraditional sex-roles, complete questionnaires regarding their attitudes about posing, release photographs for use, and complete a measure of sex-role attitudes. Analyses of behavioral intention scores and the number of signatures on photo-release forms revealed that only WMLM's held attitudes consistent with their behaviors. Sex-role-related self-perceptions rather than perceptions of others may be better predictors of male sex-role behaviors. In a second study, males (N=36), chosen on the basis of their self-perceptions of relative masculinity and femininity as measured by the BSRI, attempted to learn nonsense syllables paired with pictures of individuals engaged in nontraditional sex role activities. Men high in femininity were less able to learn the syllables. Self-perceptions of sex-role identity seem better predictors of male sex-role behaviors.

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Gackenbach, J. I., Spiro, M., Alexander, D. & Secco, R. (1981). Well-meaning liberal male: typical hypocrite or uncomfortable alien. Resources in education, ED 199-573.



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