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Learning the hard way: Harper, Canadian defence policy and combatting international terror

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foreign relations, politics and government, Stephen Harper, Canada

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In examining the nuts and bolts of former prime minister Stephen Harper’s foreign policy universe between 2006-2015, Harper’s World turns to key foreign policy experts to break down and evaluate Harper’s international policies--from relations with China to his engagement with Canada’s Arctic region. In explaining both the what and the why of Harper’s foreign policy record, this book argues that the policy decisions of Harper’s Conservative government were primarily shaped and motivated by domestic, regional, and, most importantly, electoral calculations. Bringing together Canada’s leading foreign policy specialists, Harper’s World identifies the push and pull factors of Harper’s approach to various Canadian foreign policy issues. This collection offers original analyses, factual evidence, case studies, and supporting documentation to shed light on Harper’s foreign policy orientation during his almost ten in power.

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Rice, J., & von Hlatky, S. (2022). Learning the Hard Way: Harper, Canadian Defence Policy and Combatting International Terror. In McKenna, P. (Ed.), Harper’s World: The Politicization of Canadian Foreign Policy, 2006-2015. (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2021). ISBN 9781487502102



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