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Dream incorporation of video game play as a function of interactivity and fidelity

dc.contributor.authorGackenbach, Jayne
dc.contributor.authorRosie, Matthew
dc.contributor.authorBown, Johnathan
dc.contributor.authorSample, Tyler
dc.description.abstractVideo game play offers the opportunity to investigate the continuity hypothesis. By using interactive video games, rather than passive films, as a controlled manipulation an engaging pre-sleep experience is possible. Several researchers have successfully used video games to investigate dream incorporation. In the current study interactivity and fidelity were the independent measures manipulating immersion in a commercially available video game. Interactivity was either passive or active, while fidelity was high screen resolution and stereophonic headset audio versus low. We expected the highest dream incorporation in the high fidelity/high interactivity condition. Incorporation was assessed by subject self-report and judges’ evaluations. The independent variable of fidelity was especially strong both in the manipulation and in the subsequent dream incorporation for self report while interactivity became the dominant variable when viewed from the judges’ perspectives. The effects of demand characteristics and emotionality were also considered.
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dc.identifier.citationGackenbach, J., Rosie, M., Bown, J., & Sample, T. (2011). Dream incorporation of video game play as a function of interactivity and fidelity. Dreaming, 21(1), 32-50. doi:10.1037/a0022868
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dc.subjectdream incorporation
dc.subjectvideo games
dc.titleDream incorporation of video game play as a function of interactivity and fidelityen
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