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Social media and rhetoric

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social media, rhetoric

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This essay looks at the influence of social media on relationships and overall social connections. Evidently, social media has very successfully infiltrated our lives. It is a constant in our world today, and whether or not people see it as a positive or negative influence, we have reached a point where we will never again know a world without social media as a reigning presence. The fact of the matter is that while social media brings those further away from us closer, it also leads those who are closer to us further away. This statement is both figurative and literal in that those further away in physical distance will foster connections through social media, and those closer in distance might be emotionally disconnected due to social media. The effect of social media on relationships is mainly negative because our need to connect physically is not fulfilled through virtual interaction, our isolation from those closest to us presents a possible danger for situations of distress, and our dependence on technology prevents us from being able to rely on ourselves for effective communication. 

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