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Managing political risks of Chinese contracted projects in Libya

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contracted project, political risk, management, China, Libya

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The contracted project is the basic form of SinoLibyan economic cooperation. The authors hope that Chinese constructors will learn from this case study. This article assesses the political risk for Chinese contracted projects at three levels and studies their countermeasures to this emergency and the effects of political risks on Chinese constructors in Libya. The research finds that Chinese constructors are not good at political risk management due to their traditional attitudes toward risk and the attitudes of the Chinese government toward overseas losses of Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs). However, Chinese SOEs are more experienced than private-owned enterprises in dealing with emergencies.

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Zhang, Juan, and William X. Wei. "Managing Political Risks of Chinese Contracted Projects in Libya." Project Management Journal 43, no. 4 (August 2012): 42-51. doi: 10.1002/pmj.21277.


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