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“We are all mad here”: a content analysis of Facebook posts and comments about the impact of the fibre arts on mental health and wellness

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social media, Facebook, mental health disorders, mental wellbeing, fibre arts, occupational therapy

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This study focused on the fibre arts, including their social systems, and the way that they impacted those suffering from mental health disorders. Qualitative data were obtained from 9 Facebook groups to analyse how crafters with mental health disorders reported the impact of fibre arts and fibre arts communities on their mental wellbeing. The data confirmed the key finding that fibre arts are often used by people with mental health disorders as an occupational therapy because they have proven to be effective in boosting their mental wellbeing, while groups provide a supportive environment which inspires, motivates, and improves members’ moods. The fibre arts have therapeutic potential but their use as therapy must be monitored, as obsessive behaviours may take over and cause mental, physical, and financial harm.

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