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Public schooling and contested public discourses concerning reconciliation

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Canada, education for reconciliation, education policy, public opinion, schooling reform, Truth and Reconciliation Commission

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The 2015 Truth and Reconciliation Commission final report and accompanying Calls to Action have prompted educational reforms in school jurisdictions across Canada. Drawing on data from a survey of public perspectives in Alberta and Saskatchewan, this article explores how these reforms are understood by community members to highlight the significance of competing discourses conveyed through public perspectives on reconciliation processes. General support for the idea of reconciliation conceals the limited extent to which respondents are willing to engage with important realities of settler colonial societies, embedded within discourses that are more likely to defend than challenge the dominant frameworks within which Indigenous–settler relations have been constituted in the Canadian context.

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Wotherspoon, T., & Milne, E. (2020). Public Schooling and Contested Public Discourses Concerning Reconciliation. Canadian Public Policy 46(4), 445-457.


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