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Who will lead nursing into the future?

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careers in nursing, nursing as a profession, leadership

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Recent research reveals a need for improved leadership capabilities among nurses, from the front-line nurse to those in management capacities. This "op-ed" piece is a discussion arising from the results of a study examining two groups of high school students: one participating in a leadership training program and one not participating. With their responses, these students demonstrated a stereotypical view of the work of nurses and were not interested in pursuing a career in nursing. They also didn't see nursing as a career in which to practise their leadership abilities. We raise questions about our ability to meet the goals of the Canadian Nursing Association as set out in Toward 2020 if we, in the nursing profession, are not successful in attracting students who understand the complexities of nursing practice and have a desire and the ability to help advance the profession in Canada. Recommendations for further research are presented.

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Miller, K., & Cummings, G. (2012). Who will lead nursing into the future? Nursing Leadership, 25(3), 21-27.


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