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The effect of Russian colonialism on Ukrainian cultural identity

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Ukraine, colonization, cultural identity, corruption, food, propaganda, Russia

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Ukraine is currently engaged with Russia in an all-out war. Due to this aggression, our research set out to determine if Russian colonialism has impacted Ukraine’s cultural identity, given how Russia has been involved with Ukraine for over a century. The research investigated whether Russian colonialist practices impacted Ukraine’s cultural identity by examining Russian-based propaganda, corrupt policies and institutions, and food. Based on a review of the literature, semi-structured interviews were conducted with student respondents. Analysis of the responses demonstrated that Russian colonialist practices affected Ukraine in both negative and positive ways. The results indicate that Russian colonialist practices have impacted Ukrainian cultural identity. Further research is needed to identify other factors that affect Ukrainian cultural identity.

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Boychuk, Y., Dumelier, R., Fau, Y., Mysiv, K., Sereda, A., Toews, A., & White, C. (2023). The effect of Russian colonialism on Ukrainian cultural identity. Crossing Borders: Student Reflections on Global Social Issues, 5(2).


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