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Human centred design: representations otherwise artist/scholars

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At this time of renewed activism in Africa concerning the politics of knowing, many Uganda-based contemporary artists are producing works that assert the need for systemic change in society, both locally and globally, and in the art world. This collaboration is responding to the disjuncture between the relatively high global visibility of Ugandan artists and the relatively low international visibility of scholarly writers. The objective of this project was to develop a platform for sharing under-represented artistic research based in Uganda under the name Artistic Representations Otherwise using interdisciplinary human-centred design theories and principles to answer the question: how do we register artistic research in Uganda in a global academy that still privileges Western epistemological traditions? Methods included video calls between Ugandan and Canadian team members to understand the artist/researcher's work and design a solution. The result is a sustainable website that allows artist/researchers to share their work in the academic community.

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