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Understanding cybersecurity on smartphones : challenges, strategies, and trends

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smartphone security, cybersecurity, mobile application security

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This book offers a comprehensive overview of smartphone security, focusing on various operating systems and their associated challenges. It covers the smartphone industry's evolution, emphasizing security and privacy concerns. It explores Android, iOS, and Windows OS security vulnerabilities and mitigation measures. Additionally, it discusses alternative OSs like Symbian, Tizen, Sailfish, Ubuntu Touch, KaiOS, Sirin, and HarmonyOS. The book also addresses mobile application security, best practices for users and developers, Mobile Device Management (MDM) in enterprise settings, mobile network security, and the significance of mobile cloud security and emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, ML, and blockchain. It discusses the importance of balancing innovation with solid security practices in the ever-evolving mobile technology landscape.

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Kadir, A. F. A., Lashkari, A. H., & Firoozjaei, M. D. (2024). Understanding cybersecurity on smartphones : Challenges, strategies, and trends. Springer.



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