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Social media and mobilizing change for community impacts: results report

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social media, sexual violence, social activism, post-secondary institutions, #MeToo Movement

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Social media has become a pivot for individual level activism and community level change. This collaborative project between the Canadian Women’s Foundation and the McGill iMPACTS project investigates the connections between social media and action for social change in the context of sexual assault on Canadian post-secondary campuses. Along with a panel discussion hosted on June 22, 2022, this report is the final knowledge dissemination component of the project’s three phases. An interdisciplinary literature review on feminist social media use, gender-based violence (GBV), and campus responses to rape culture was developed during the first research phase. The second phase involved connecting with key informants and conducting in depth interviews. This third phase has resulted in this report, summarizing 12 key informant interviews conducted with anti-violence organizers, student activists, and frontline staff working at post-secondary institutions (PSIs) across Canada. The interviews offer insights into how feminist organizers use social media platforms to educate, build movements, and support survivors of sexual violence.

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Vigor, J., Wright, J., Campbell, K. (2022). Social Media and Mobilizing Change for Community Impacts: Results Report. Canadian Women’s Foundation.



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