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New graduate nursing retention in 2020: a multifactorial analysis

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education, graduates, mentorship, practice, theory, transition

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The issue of new graduates prematurely exiting the profession has a longstanding, complicated history in nursing. Current retention is further complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The state of the global workforce and transition shock theory situate this issue. Ray’s theory of bureaucratic caring frames the analysis with proposed recommendations for individual nurses, healthcare organizations, and academia. The sociocultural and political domains of Ray’s theory offer guidance for nurse leaders in academic and practice settings. The importance of a collaborative relationship between academic and practice settings is vital to mitigate the phenomenon of early exit of new graduates.

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Mitchell, A., & Maykut, C. (2021). New graduate nursing retention in 2020: A multifactorial analysis. International Journal for Human Caring, 25(3), 226-232.


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