The ties that bind: agnosia, neglect and selective attention to visual scale

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visual agnosia, object-centered neglect, selective attention, visual perception, grasping, visual pathways
Abstract (summary)
Recent studies of human cortico-cortical pathways necessitate revisions to long-standing theoretical views on visual perception, visually guided action and their integrations. We highlight findings from a broad sample of seemingly disparate areas of research to support the proposal that attention to scale is necessary for typical conscious visual experience and for goal-directed actions that depend on functional and semantic information. Furthermore, we suggest that vertical pathways between the parietal and occipitotemporal cortex, along with indirect pathways that involve the premotor and prefrontal cortex, facilitate the operations of scale attention.
Publication Information
Whitwell, R.L., Striemer, C.L., Cant, J.S. et al. The Ties that Bind: Agnosia, Neglect and Selective Attention to Visual Scale. Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports 21, 54 (2021).
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