Promises made to me

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international students, marketing and education, poetry
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Universities across the globe have marketed their institutions in nondomestic markets to tap into the lucrative international student market. Higher education is big business, but I ask, "At what cost?" International students face many hurdles when studying away from home. Lack of friends, family, and cultural support is the first step that leads to a deep sense of isolation in many students. Most of these students do find friends and a support system, but for a few, the final price is a burden too heavy to bear. This poem was written after 10 months of my own experience as an international student and talking to other students about their concerns.
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Thomson, S. Bruce. "Promises Made to Me." Qualitative Inquiry 12, no. 4 (2006): 819-821. doi: 10.1177/1077800406288625.
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