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Religion and youth delinquency




youth delinquency, religion, social controls

Abstract (summary)

This project looks at the impact that religion has on youth delinquency. The project examines religion through social control theory and explores religion as an agent of social control for its members, in particular youth. The project analyses the relationship between religious affiliation and youth delinquency and considers how belonging to a religious community decreases the likelihood of youth participating in delinquent behaviors. The analysis suggests that being part of a strong community and having a positive value system reduces the likelihood of youth becoming delinquent. Additionally, this implies that there are ways to reduce the likelihood of delinquency occurring and that involvement in a religious community is a valuable method for keeping youth from becoming delinquent.

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Erickson, Christine. 2019. "Religion and Youth Delinquency." Crossing Borders: Student Reflections on Global Social Issues 1(1). doi:10.31542/j.cb.1839.


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