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    Research recast(ed): S1E17 - Student Research Day - allyship, e-scooters and criminal psychology
    (2022) Ekelund, Brittany; Cave, Dylan; Lakhani, Alysha-Khanu; Bailey, Brady; Thomas, Mackenzie
    Today, we learn about three different MacEwan student research projects focusing on the topics of Indigenous allyship, sustainability and criminology. In our first Student Research Day podcast, we speak with three student researchers. First, Alysha-Khanu Lakhani discusses her paper on Indigenous allyship in the Asian Diaspora, touching on implicit bias, challenging perceptions and cognitive imperialism. Next we talk with Brady Bailey, whose award winning research looks at sustainability, e-scooters and the sharing economy. Lastly, we talk with Mackenzie Thomas about her pioneering research into typographies and risk assessment of criminogenic needs of sexual offenders.
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    Consumerization of HR: the employee consumer style experience
    (2018) Amundson, Sandra; Wong, Leo
    Employee consumer style relationships means exactly as it sounds, a customer type experience for the employee. Human Resource experts have found this topic as a trending factor to benefit businesses today. Looking internally as opposed to externally, businesses can gain a competitive advantage while retaining staff. This presentation informs the audience on what specifically is being done by businesses who have implemented ways to provide the “employee experience”. In contrast, a particular industry that lacks these practices. To conclude, some recommendations to help shift the industry in an internal direction.