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Psychological content of "consciousness" during sleep in a TM practitioner

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lucid dreams, nonlucid dreams, transcendental consciousness, transcendental meditation, TM practitioners, sleep laboratory, dream diaries, polysomnograms, autonomic arousal, kinesthetic dream sensations

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Gackenbach (1988) recently concluded a review of the research examining differences in content between lucid and nonlucid dreams. It covered two types of data, self-evaluations of the content by the dreamer, as well as content evaluations by independent judges. Both approaches were largely descriptive of the manifest level of content, although the self-evaluations involve some part of the latent content through the subjects’ need to describe their own experience. She concluded that although there were differences between lucid and nonlucid dreams, lucid dreams were more like nonlucid dreams than they were different. However, she also noted that although the differences were few they were not due to chance variations but were consistent across a variety of studies.

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Gackenbach, J.I. & Moorecroft, W. (1987). Psychological content of "consciousness" during sleep in a TM practitioner. Lucidity Letter, 6 (1). 29-36 and reprinted in Lucidity: Commemorative Issue 10th Anniversary of Lucidity Letter, 10(1&2), 121-128.



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