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An evaluation of the reliability, construct validity, and factor structure of the static-2002R

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Psychometrics, Sex Offenses, Test Reliability, Test Validity, Male Criminal Offenders, Construct Validity, Risk Assessment

Abstract (summary)

The fundamental psychometric properties of the subscales found in the Static-2002R, an actuarial measure of sexual recidivism risk, were evaluated in the current study. Namely, the reliability, concurrent and construct validity, and factor structure of the Static-2002R subscales were examined with a sample of 372 adult male sex offenders. In addition to using validated measures of sexual violence risk to examine concurrent validity, construct-related measures taken from extant risk measures and psychometric tests were correlated with three of the subscales to assess overall construct validity. Moderate support was found for the reliability of the Static-2002R. The concurrent and construct validity of the General Criminality, Persistence of Sexual Offending, and Deviant Sexual Interest subscales were supported. Generally, these findings further support the Static-2002R as a valid sex offender risk appraisal instrument that encompasses multiple distinct, clinically relevant, risk domains.

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Jung, S., Ennis, L., Hermann, C. A., Pham, A. T., Choy, A. L., Corabian, G., & Hook, T. (2017). An Evaluation of the Reliability, Construct Validity, and Factor Structure of the Static-2002R. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 61(4), 464–487.


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