US dominance of research on political communication: a meta-view

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political communication, United States, cross-national, meta-analysis, publication bias, citation patterns
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The United States is the focal point of research on political communication. The dominance of the US scholarship is not an outcome of the efforts of a single peer reviewer, but rather an outcome of a larger system of knowledge production. Rojas and Valenzuela’s (2019) essay points out two issues related to cross-national research in political communication: how the US is treated as the “context-less” norm and how American scholarship shapes expectations for other areas of the world. Adding to this argument, I provide data about citation patterns in subfields within political communication as well as provide a summary of recent meta-analysis studies in political communication. These data affirm the US dominance in political communication scholarship.
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Boulianne, Shelley. 2019. "US Dominance of Research on Political Communication: A Meta-View." Political Communication 36(4):660-665. doi:10.1080/10584609.2019.1670899.
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