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Hybrid human resource management in post-Soviet Kazakhstan

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human resource management, HRM, foreign direct investment, FDI, Kazakhstan, post-Soviet practices, international management

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This paper explores Human Resource Management (HRM) practices in foreign-owned subsidiaries in Kazakhstan and examines the development of HRM and the extent to which practices and policies are reflective of their countries of origin, older-style Soviet and post-Soviet practices, or an emerging Kazakhstan. The discussion is based on findings which utilised a questionnaire-based survey, secondary data and interviews with HR managers. The paper concludes that HRM and employee relations practices utilised are a hybrid of old-style Soviet and Western-based approaches (US and European), and also provided are some implications for theory and managerial practice.

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Minbaeva, D. B., Hutchings, K., & Thomson, S. B. (2007). Hybrid human resource management in post-Soviet Kazakhstan. European Journal of International Management, 1(4), 350.


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