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A shared reality: implementation of a redesigned clinical course during the Covid-19 Crisis

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case study, critical reflexivity, faculty, online, nursing education, student

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Many institutions of higher education were caught unprepared for the consequences of covid-19 on program delivery and completion; notably schools of nursing with clinical practicums. The purpose of senior clinical practicums is to foster nursing students’ readiness for practice. A practicum offers the students the opportunity to engage in advocacy and leadership, respond effectively and efficiently to changes in client status, navigate and mitigate ambiguity in the healthcare system and partner with interdisciplinary team members to ensure a holistic approach. The disruption of face-to-face programming required schools of nursing to quickly redesign courses to ensure learning outcomes were met and students would successfully graduate prepared to enter their practice. The intent of this article is to share the lived realities of nursing students and faculty members during the implementation of a redesigned course during the pandemic crisis.

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Maykut, C. A., Dressler, M., Harrison, N., Newell-Killeen, H., Posteraro, A., & Weatherwall-Waldner, K. (2020). A shared reality: Implementation of a redesigned clinical course during the Covid-19 Crisis. International Journal of Caring Sciences, 13(3), 2261–2268.



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