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Altitudinal variability of monsoon precipitation over mountainous region

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precipitation, elevation, monsoon

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The study conducted some investigations to know the relationship between topographic effects on rainfall distribution with regards to the topographic elevation over Mountainous region. Comparison of relationship between topographic effects on rainfall distribution with relation to the topographic elevation using ground based data of one hundred and ninety one rain gauge stations within domain of latitude 27.30' to 29.40' and longitude 80.00' to 84.00' of period June - August (1998- 2000) and Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission/ Precipitation Radar (TRMM/ PR) within domain latitude 26.00' to 32.00' and longitude 75.00' to 80. 00' of the same duration are characterized relatively well. Digital elevation map (DEM) with spatial resolution 30 sec (Gtopo30) is used for spatial topographic study. Much attention was focused on "effective height for precipitation" i.e. topographic height where amount of rainfall is high. It was found through investigation that the rainfall decreases beyond 1800m using ground based data and rainfall decreases beyond 2100m using TRMM data.

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Presented on December 3, 2004 at The 6th International Study Conference on GEWEX in Asia and GAME held at Kyoto International Community House, Kyoto, Japan.

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