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Scaffolding IL learning and EBP exploration in a semester-long journal club: impact on nursing student self-efficacy

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information literacy, Information Literacy Self-Efficacy Scale, nursing students

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Nursing students require essential information literacy (IL) skills: locate research articles, assess for quality, and apply to practice-based scenarios. Understanding research remains a common challenge, with one study finding 40% of 2nd year nursing students have difficulty reading journal articles, yet stand-alone IL workshops rarely allow time needed to develop critical reading, assessment, and reflection practices. Our discovery-based, scaffolded IL learning approach is modeled on the student journal club, which has been found to positively impact students’ application of research in clinical contexts. By embedding IL instruction strategically throughout a 1st year nursing course we hoped to enhance understanding, mindset, retention, and transferability of IL. This study sought to identify the impact of the journal club on nursing student IL self-efficacy, as measured through the validated Information Literacy Self-Efficacy Scale.

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Nelson, J., Croxen, H., McKendrick-Calder, L., Su, W., & Lam, H.. (2023, June 3). Scaffolding IL Learning and EBP Exploration in a Semester-long Journal Club: Impact on Nursing Student Self-efficacy. Poster presented at CHLA/ABSC 2023, Halifax, NS.

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