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Situated knowingness of caring and bureaucracy: a student’s growth

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caring science, human trafficking, nursing education, students, theory

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Caring and its entity are the base of a nurse's practice, which makes it necessary to explore the depth and complexity of this topic with undergraduate nursing students. The authors, a professor and a new registered nurse, highlight the importance and implementation of nursing theory in a scholarly assignment. The Theory of Bureaucratic Caring was utilized to examine the complex issue of human trafficking (which was the topic of the second author’s assignment) from both a nursing and healthcare system perspective. Through the discussion, common themes evolved which emphasized the impact of having students participate in developing the ability to integrate caring throughout their practice through a multifaceted lens.

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Maykut, C., & Rubuliak, A. (2022). Situated knowingness of caring and bureaucracy: A student’s growth. International Journal of Caring Sciences, 15(1), 644-649. Retrieved from



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