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Sleep quality, sleep propensity and academic performance

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achievement, cognition / physiology, disorders of excessive somnolence / diagnosis, female, humans, male, middle aged, sleep / physiology, surveys and questionnaires, academic achievement, college students, sleep deprivation, sleep onset, sleep wake cycle, sleep wake disorders

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We examined associations between measures of sleep propensity on the Epworth Sleepiness Scale, sleep quality on the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index and academic performance by GPA and grades in introductory psychology for 414 students. In the total sample, neither sleep propensity nor sleep quality correlated with GPA or introductory psychology grades. However, among students carrying a full course load, those reporting poor sleep quality performed less well on academic measures than those reporting a better quality of sleep. Further research is needed to assess die moderating influence of overall demands of daytime functioning on the association between sleep quality and academic performance.

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Howell, J. H., Jahrig, J. C., & Powell, R. A. (2004). Sleep quality, sleep propensity and academic performance. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 99, 525-535.


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