Developing a university-wide academic integrity E-learning tutorial: a Canadian case

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academic integrity, Canada, e-learning, post-secondary, students, university
Abstract (summary)
Academic integrity has become a significant point of concern in the post-secondary landscape, and many institutions are now exploring ways on how to implement academic integrity training for students. This paper delineates the development of an Academic Integrity E-Learning (AIE-L) tutorial at MacEwan University, Canada. In its first incarnation, the AIE-L tutorial was intended as an education tool for students who had been found to violate the University’s Academic Integrity Policy. However, in a discourse of the academic integrity process, the University reimagined it from only emphasising the increased understanding and strengthened commitment of students found to have committed academic misconduct to a proactive focus with education for all students. The purpose of the present paper is three-fold: first, describe the development of the AIE-L tutorial as an experiential case study; second, improve the content of the AIE-L tutorial through students’ quantitative and qualitative feedback; third, calibrate the pre and post-test questions for content validity for a forthcoming large-scale measurement of the AIE-L tutorial effectiveness.
Publication Information
Benson, L., Rodier, K., Enström, R., & Bocatto, E. (2019). Implementing a university-wide academic integrity e-learning tutorial. 9th International Conference on Humanities, Psychology, and Social Sciences. 3-5 May, Athens, Greece.
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Attribution (CC BY)