Culturally endorsed leadership styles and entrepreneurial behaviors of women

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entrepreneurship, gender, leadership styles
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Extant research has yet to find leadership patterns that are particularly relevant to entrepreneurship. While the entrepreneurial process has previously been seen in the same vein as that of leadership, the links between leadership styles and women entrepreneurship studies have been conducted against a masculine backdrop. Although recent studies have begun to explore the relationship between the two fields, there are limited studies considering the relationship from a gender perspective. Considering that entrepreneurs are embedded in contexts, our study specifically seeks to address the above gap by examining how culturally endorsed leadership styles influence women's entrepreneurial behaviors.
Publication Information
Pathak, S., & Muralidharan, E. (2018). Culturally endorsed leadership styles and entrepreneurial behaviors of women. In Ratten, V., Ramadani, V., Dana, Leo-Paul, Hisrich, R.D., & Ferreira, J. (Eds.), Gender and Family Entrepreneurship, Routledge Publishers. pp. 11-24.
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Book Chapter
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