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Mission possible: introducing sustainability as an experiential entrepreneurship activity

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experiential learning, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, sustainable business, social impact, environmental impact, economic impact

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Mission Possible explores the concept of sustainability in a simple and introductory level, from the perspective of an entrepreneur for first-year business students. Students apply their learning outside the classroom and consider the relationship between economic, social and environmental objectives. This engages students in sustainability concepts by creating a real-world experience and then forces students to use that experience to address more conceptual issues related to sustainability. Through an examination of embedding sustainability into an experiential learning activity, this chapter will provide insight on how to meaningfully introduce sustainability for first year business students.

Publication Information

Wong, Leo. "Mission Possible: Introducing Sustainability as an Experiential Entrepreneurship Activity." In Handbook of Sustainability in Management Education: In Search of a Multidisciplinary, Innovative and Integrated Approach. Edited by Jorge A. Arevalo, and Shelley F. Mitchell, 175-200. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2017.



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