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Effects of employee creative problem-solving on innovation outcomes and non-financial performance: the moderating role of culture and communication

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innovative culture, creative problem-solving, innovation outcome, non-financial performance, size, purpose

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The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effects of employees’ creative problem-solving on organisations’ innovation outcomes, as well as the effects of innovation outcomes on organisations non-financial performance. Based on a sample of 320 participants from diverse organisations, using structural equation modelling techniques, we find that creative problem-solving does not have any effect on innovation outcomes, except with the moderating influence of an innovative culture or communication. We also find that innovation outcomes have a positive relationship with non-financial performance. We make theoretical contributions into the antecedents of innovation outcomes, while offering several practical insights for leading creative employees and managing innovation.

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Ouedraogo, N., Ouakouak, M. L., & Salem, T. (2020). Effects Of Employee Creative Problem-Solving On Innovation Outcomes And Non-Financial Performance: The Moderating Role Of Culture And Communication. International Journal of Innovation Management, 24(07), 2050069. DOI:


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