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Perceptions of dairy farms on the environment: a content analysis of comments on TikTok

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dairy industry, environmental impact, public perception, social media

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This study examined the public perceptions of dairy farms on the environment by viewing comments to a TikTok video, which presented a claim that the dairy industry has had a decrease in its environmental impact. A content analysis was conducted with initial and secondary evaluations, finding five broad categories, which included positive and negative perceptions of the dairy industry, as well as a further six themes, including informative, clarification, blaming humans, veganism, critical, and education. The most common theme was informative, encompassing 38% of the relevant comments. The findings indicated proficient use of scientific research, critical considerations of the video, and reflected the biases and influences found in social media and popular culture.

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Ostapovich, Sarah. 2023. "Perceptions of Dairy Farms on the Environment: A Content Analysis of Comments on TikTok." Crossing Borders 5(1). doi: 10.31542/cb.v5i1.2527


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